The Effect of Administrative Empowerment and Organizational Support on Creative Behavior: A Field Study of the Personnel's’ Attitudes of the Jordanian Communication Company

Mohammad Al-Harahsheh, Salah Al-Din Al-Hiti


This study seeks to identify the attitudes of the personnel (i.e. engineers, technicians, and administrators) in the Jordanian Communication Company regarding the impact of administrative empowerment and organizational support on the employees’ creative behavior. To achieve this objective, a questionnaire was constructed and administered among 500 informants. The number of questionnaires received was 235 (50.6%) of the total number, and (30.3%) of the whole society.

A number of statistical methods were employed to analyze the data. These methods include: means standard deviation, regression, ANOVA, and simple regression.

The study arrived at a number of findings, the most significant of which is that the independent variables of the study (i.e. empowerment and organizational support) showed an impact on the dependent variable (creative behavior), though the former variable showed more effect on creative behavior. The findings also showed statistical differences between the nature of work and the independent and dependent variables.

The study concluded with some recommendations, one of which is the encouragement of personnel to accept the idea of empowerment. One suggestion of the study to the company in question is that it should advocate the relationship between empowerment, organization and creativity which enables the company to enhance its competitive capabilities.


Empowerment, Administration, Organizational Support, Creative Behavior

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