The Factors Affecting the Globalization of Banking Service Quality through the INTERNET: Comparative Field Study on Some Syrian and Jordanian Banks

Ra’ad H. Al-Sarn, Abdul-Latif Abdul-Latif


Electronic banking providers within internet networks tend to introduce the customers as many banking services. Therefore, the banks need to know what the customers really want and expect from them. However, in an electronic environment, it was almost impossible to monitor and record data with the global customers .The fact is that the electronic environment allows electronic banking providers to capture an enormous amount of information about customer behavior during the process of electronic service delivery. However, the customers' requirements and wants allow managing the quality of internet banking services in global electronic environment. This research paper introduces a study of factors affecting the globalization of bank service quality through internet networks: a comparative field study between some Syrian and Jordanian banks.


Globalization, service quality, bank services, bank information, communication networks, internet network, bank technologies, internet banking.

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