An Exploratory Comparative Study of Location-Based Mobile Phone Warning Services: Current Status and Future Perspectives

Mahmoud Ali Al-dalahmeh, A. Odat, S. Dahiyat, M. Khaffaf


Notifications and warning services that are based on the geographic location of the mobile phone are now an intrinsic part of emergency management strategies in a growing list of countries around the world. The emerging trend of using the mobile phone as an early warning mechanism within the national emergency systems came as a natural result of its widespread use among people, allowing governments to disseminate information to its people via their mobile phones before, during, and after an emergency.
In this study, the road is paved ahead to understand location-based mobile phone emergency warning services. The important of this research comes in several points: its reviews the current status of the services based on their utilization around the world– a review among the first in Arabic language–, compares the mechanisms of applying the services using the technologies currently available, and introduces the future perspectives that would contribute significantly to the success of these services. Of importance here also in this study is the comparison of the two main technologies that are now used for these services; short message technology and cell broadcast technology. The two represent the backbone technologies used by governments in the application of location-based mobile phone services within the contemporary emergency management arrangements. Nevertheless, this study clearly demonstrates the stressing need to replace these two technologies with more effective solutions. Therefore, a comprehensive presentation of the future requirements of location-based emergency services and their potential underlying technologies will be provided based on the recommendations of a group of selected experts in the domains of national security, emergency management, early warning systems, and telecommunications. These recommendations are highly essential to be considered by governments around the world when utilizing their location-based mobile phone emergency services.


Mobile Phone, Emergency Management, Emergency, Disaster, Early Warning System, Location-Based Services, Short Message, Cell Broadcast.

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