The Impact of the Marketing Mix Elements on Residential Flats Purchasing Decision in Western Amman Area in Jordan

Hani H. Al-Dmour, Jumana E. Al-Khouri


This research aims to identify the relative importance of the marketing mix elements upon the purchasing decisions of residential real estate in Jordan, and to study the influences of decisions maker demographic characteristics upon the purchasing decision. As well, this research aims to define the most important information sources when purchasing residential real estate. Data collection was accomplished by distributing a survey to a sample containing 155 individuals who are owners of residential flats in the Western Amman area.

The study reached the following results:

  • 1. There was a significant influence for marketing mix elements upon the purchasing decisions of the residential flats in the Jordanian market, and it was verified that the most important elements is the residential flats price, and the least important one is the promotion.
  • 2. The relative importances of the influence of marketing mix elements were found to be significantly different according to the demographic characteristics of the study's sample, income level, academic qualification, family size and occupation.
  • 3. The family member was found to be the most important source of information when making the purchasing decision for residential flats and the architects was ranked the second one as an information source. There was a positive attitude toward taking the views of friends and work colleagues, but it is obvious that there was a negative attitude towards the advertisement tools.
  • 4. The relative importance of the information sources were found to be different according to the sample's demographic characteristics when taking the purchasing decision for the residential real estate.

In light of the study's results, a set of recommendations is presented to policy -makers and marketers in the field of real estate marketing in Jordan.


Marketing Mix, Elements, Purchasing Residential Flats.

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