The Impact of Leadership Patterns on Achieving Organizational Commitment for Ministry of Interior Staff - Jordan

Atallah Basheer Abbod


This study aimed to identify the level of leadership patterns at Ministry of Interior in Jordan and its impact on achieving organizational commitment through an applied study of employees at ministry center on Amman, who are (240) employee . The study used the descriptive research methodology in which a questionnaire was designed to collect data about study variables. This questionnaire was distributed among all employees who are on the ministry center. The data were analyzed after collecting them using the suitable statical methods. One of the most important results which was found by this study is that there was a high level of leadership patterns and organizational commitment according respondents' estimation. The study also showed that there was a positive impact of leadership patterns in reinforcing organizational commitment dimensions.
According to these results, the study introduced a number of recommendations which aimed to reinforce organizational commitment at the ministry.


Leadership Patterns, Organizational Commitment, Ministry of Interior, Jordan

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