Success of Accounting Information Systems and Their Impact on the Stages of Crises Management

Inaam M. Zwyalif


This study aimed to investigate the effect of accounting information systems success in managing the crises that face commercial banks in Jordan. A questionnaire was designed and distributed among the head offices of the surveyed banks. One hundred and twenty questionnaires were distributed out of which (108) questionnaires were approved for analysis and research purposes, i.e. (90%) of the distributed questionnaires.
The result of the study showed that accounting information systems success, as a whole, significantly affects every dimension of crisis management. It was also found that the following indicators for the success of accounting information systems: information quality, system quality, and system usage, significantly affect each stage of crisis management, but there was no significant effect for the user satisfaction in these stages. Furthermore, the study provided several recommendations to help managers of these banks to manage future crises successfully.


Accounting Information Systems, Success, Crises Management, Commercial Banks, Jordan

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