The Causes and Reasons of the Immigration (Turnover) of Medical and Nursing Staff of Molt

Salah M. Thiab


The aim of this study is to investigate the causes and reasons of the immigration (turnover) of medical and nursing staff of MOH to the private sector in Jordan and abroad; it also aims to find the relationship between the demographic factors and the turnover.

The sample consisted of (285) doctors and nurses affiliated to MOH during the period 2003-2006.

(285) Questionnaire forms were distributed in the sample of study. (220) Forms were returned back which equals 78%.

The findings of the study were that The main reasons for the turnover of nurses and doctors are: motivation system, training opportunities, the nature of rules and regulations, the scale of salary, and offering apportiontious (vacancies offered) for both. Also the study finds that.

There is no influence for the work conditions in MOH on turnover. Also the turnover is not affected by the demographic factors (The gender, age, experience, and the social status). According to the findings of the study, establishing anew salary and motivation systems, and offering training apportionties are the urgent recommendations.


Turnover of Nurses and Doctors, MOH, Private Health Sector and Externals, Reasons and Attitudes.

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