The Impact of Merging Municipalities in Jordan on Their Administrative and Financial Effectiveness According to Mayors of Municipalities

Mahmoud O. Abu Fares, Aiman O. Al-Ma'ani


This study aimed to show the impact of merging municipalities in Jordan on their administrative and financial effectiveness according to mayors of municipalities.In order to achieve this goal, the whole population of(99) mayors of municipal councils was chosen. The following statistical methods were used for data analysis; Descriptive methods, Pearson correlation coefficient and One-Way (ANOVA).

The data analysis has lead to the following results: There was a significant statistical relationship between municipalities merging and administrative and financial effectiveness, there was no significant statistical differences (a £ 0.05) of municipalities merging on administrative and financial effectiveness caused by the classification of municipalities. The study has proposed the following recommendations:

There is a necessity to use the scientific principles in hiring people at the municipalities,enhancing cooperation and coordination between public agencies and municipalities, and to raise the awareness of the local population in order to contribute in developing the area.



Municipalities Merging, Administrative Effectiveness, Financial Effectiveness, Jordan

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