The Relationship between Profitability and Employee Training and Development: Evidence from Jordanian Industrial Companies

Nader A. Abusheikha, Husni A. Khrawish


In order to show the effect of training and employee development on and profitability in the industrial companies in Jordan, The study comes to examine the relationship between profitability and employee training and employee development in the industrial companies in Jordan during the period (2000- 2004).

The sample of the study represents a group of (30) industrial companies in Jordan. The overall data related to the study sample were collected from several sources including the financial statements of the industrial companies, in addition to the Jordanian Central bank and Amman financial market (monthly and annually) bulletins.

The suggested model has been tested by using the multiple regression techniques. The analysis revealed that there is a significant relationship existed between profitability and employee training and employee development in Jordanian Industrial Companies

The study suggested some results and recommendations which might lead to enhance and develop the role of industrial companies in national economy.

These recommendations represented by greater efforts are required for training employees so as to develop their abilities to be innovative and creative, developing skills of subordinates and managers, meeting customer's needs and maximizing the use of new technology.


Profitability, Strategy Implementation, Strategy Formulation, Training, Development, Industrial Companies.

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