The Effects of Organizational Culture in Stimulating and Developing Organizational Citizenship Behavior at Al-Wasatiyya Municipality in Governorate of Irbid

Zeyad Al-Azzam


This study aimed at exploring the impact of organizational culture (OC) on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) at Al-Wasatiyya Municipality in Governorate of Irbid. Also it aimed investigating the nature of the relationship between organizational culture and organizational citizenship behavior. To achieve study objectives, a questionnaire were employed fulfill the study objectives and test its hypothesis. Data obtained from 120 respondents were analyzed using SPSS version 19.0. The study findings revealed that intermediate levels of organizational culture while the results pointed out that employees showed a high levels of organizational citizenship behavior at Al-Wasatiyya Municipality.
Findings also indicated that there is a significant positive relationship of level ( α ≤ 0.01) between organization culture and it’s dimensions; Trust, Cooperation, Joint Vision, Management Practices Effects, Common Cultural Norms, and organizational citizenship behavior. Additionally, results revealed that employees’ perceptions of organizational culture were positively affected organizational citizenship behavior and all its components and the dimension of joint vision of OC was more strongly associated with OCB. Furthermore, findings pointed out that organizational culture dimensions have effects on each OCB components and also Joint Vision was more strongly associated with Altruism, Management Practices Effects was more strongly associated with Courtesy, Conscientiousness, and Civic virtue, Common Cultural Norms was more strongly associated with Sportsmanship. Eventually, this study recommended placing high emphasis on leaderships as they play moderator role to simplify and stimulate individuals OCB and to conduct more studies on organizational cultures types and its role in driving and stimulating OCB.


Organization Culture, Organization Citizenship Behavior, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Management Practices

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