Testing the Changes in Poverty Levels in Jordan

Mohammed I. Shahateet


The objective of this study is to investigate the changes in poverty levels in Jordan. Examining the official data on household expenditure and income, this study provides evidence of the changes in poverty levels between 1997 and 2002. The methodology has been profoundly influenced by a statistical approach of testing hypotheses. This approach tests the changes in the level of poverty using two large sample tests that are based essentially on the normal approximation of the binomial distribution.

The final results of the tests show that five years of growth period following 1997 have positively altered the level of poverty. Only in Karak, Mafraq and Zarka governorates the level of abject poverty had worsened, implying that the poorest segment of inhabitants in these governorates had increased. These governorates accommodate about one quarter of Jordan’s population.


Measuring poverty, testing levels of poverty, abject poverty, absolute poverty

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