the development of the comprehensive operations model to achieve the competence in the industrial institutions - case study of the general cabel institution in algeria

Mufida Aissa Yahiaui


The purpose of this paper is to identify and compare between most current production management systems such as: Material Resource Planning (MRP), Just In Time (JIT) and Optimized Production Technology (OPT). Then, the paper proposes to develop an integrated production operations’ approach that realizes the competitive advantage in industrial firms which fit their objectives, circumstances and capabilities, through taking advantage from the strengths of each operation management system and avoiding their weaknesses. This study uses two methodologies, the descriptive one for literature reviewing, and the analytical one for field study that took Cable Industry Firm (ENICAB-Biskra) as a case study. The paper finds that the integrated production operations’ approach; that combines between MRP, JIT, OPT; is the best one to control both stocks and production. Thus, controlling quantities of products, energies, and all different kinds of stocks (raw material, components, final products), so as to reduce costs and terms. The paper provides useful suggestions for firms to apply this integral system to enhance the competitive advantage of firms and so satisfying customers, implementing a database that guaranties the necessary inputs for the system, encouraging the use of quantitative methods in operations management.


production management systems, MRP, JIT, OPT, Competitiveness, energy cables enterprise.

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