The Relationship between the Control System of TQM and its Effectiveness: An Analytical Study on Jordanian Public- shareholdings Industrial Companies

Suleiman Obaidat


This study aimed at exploring the relationship between the control system of TQM and its effectiveness on Jordanian Public shareholding industrial companies.

In addition to that, the study aimed at knowing if there is any significant differences with regard to this relationship relates to the size or experience- The sample of the study consists of 80 companies out of 86 companies listed in Amman Exchange Market.

The study concludes with many results such as a strong , Positive and significant relationship exists between the elements of the control system and its effectiveness, and the most related one is the quality assurance element. However, no difference in this relationship exist with regard to the size or experience. Based upon these results a set of recommendations were proposed.


TQM, Effectiveness, Control.

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