Bank Performance and Marketing Concept: An Empirical Investigation in the Jordanian Banks

Mohammed M. Ajlouni


Bank performance, is a function of doing banking business and marketing concept, is a philosophy of doing business. This study examines the impact of the marketing philosophy on the bank functioning. That is, it examines the relationship between adoption and implementation of marketing concept by Jordanian banks and their performance. The study used an established scoring scale for measuring the adoption and implementation of the marketing concept and constructed multivariate models for testing the hypothetical relationships. The results were robust and indicate the significant, yet differential, impact of aspects of the marketing concept on bank profitability. However, there were negative correlations between adoption and implementation components. This indicates that Jordanian banks were selective in paying attention to the marketing concept components. This study suggests a logical approach for adopting and implementing the marketing concept, according to their costs and contribution into the bank's performance. Moreover, the results show that bank's profitability is dependent on some marketing concept components, and adversely influenced by other components.


Bank Performance, Marketing Concept, Adaptation, Implementation.

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