Royal School of Governmental Studies: A Futuristic Look of Human Resources Management and Development in the Public Sector to Face Crises and the Challenges of the Prevailing Strategic Environment

Reda Al-Btoush


This study aims at developing a national reform strategy of the public sector so as to improve the quality of services via human resources' development (the public employee is the essence of this process). The study also aims at bridging the gap between the current reality and the prospective future in this aspect. This goal is significant given that national institutions in Jordan are still lacking needed capabilities that would allow them to provide citizens with high quality services and satisfying their demands. There is also an apparent inability to control the chaos of media outlets, and an emergence of an unprecedented state of public discontent. This state of sagging of various national institutions in the face of challenges on the local arena will reflect negatively on our national security and will lead to a new culture among large segments of Jordanian society. If this situation is allowed to continue, the state will lose its ability to remain in control with its negative consequences. This issue necessitates moving forward with a full review of the role and impact of the public sector on limiting and overcoming pressing national challenges. In addition to providing a national mechanism focused on elevating the level of public sector performance and developing human resources, the researcher also provides a set of general recommendations for decision and policy makers on the national level.


Public Sector, Management and Development of Human Resources, Strategic Environment, National Security, Evaluation, Employment, Capacity Building.

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