Factors Impact Customer’s Loyalty In the Jordanian Banking Sector Empyrical Study

Anas Y. Al Hadid, Amer M. Shoter, Abdallah Q. Bataineh


This study aimed at determining the impact of trust, and perceived value on customer’s loyalty in the Jordanian banking sector. The concept of loyalty in this study was treated as multi-dimensional concept, and so the researcher’s tried to determine the effect of these factors on each dimension of loyalty (attitudinal and behavioral), The population of the study consisted of all the customers of banks operating in Jordan, and the sample consisted of the customer’s of 25 foreign and domestic banks operating in the capital city of Amman. A questionnaire was specially designed for this study, and distributed to a sample of 500 respondents, and 462 were retrieved and valid for the purposes of statistical analysis. Multiple regression analysis was employed to test the research model and hypotheses. The research findings indicated that there is a significant effect for each customer trust of bank, and customer perceived value on customer attitudinal loyalty, as well as, there is a significant effect for customer trust of bank, on customer behavioral loyalty.


Trust, Perceived Value, Attitudinal Loyalty, Behavioral Loyalty, Banks

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