The Impact of Quality Management Practices on Innovation, an Applied Study on the Jordanian Industrial Organizations

Eshaq M. Alshaar


This study aimed at investigating the impact of quality management practices in terms of: product innovation, process innovation, and the administrative innovation in the Jordanian industrial organizations.
To achieve the study objectives analytical and descriptive approaches employed, a questionnaire was developed to measure the independent and dependent variables. Disproportional stratified random sampling was used to distribute (430) questionnaires in which (235) were returned, (19) questionnaires were excluded because they were not accurately completed; a total of (186) questionnaires were valid for analysis. The results indicate that quality management practices affect the product innovation, process innovation, as well as the administrative innovation. However, there is no effect for supplier relationships on product innovation. Moreover, results indicate that customer relationships and human resource management do not affect the process innovation and administrative innovation.
The study recommendations entail that quality management applications foster introducing innovative products besides their traditional role in improving quality.


Quality Management Practices, Product Innovation, Process Innovation, Administrative Innovation

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