The Impact of Creative Thinking on the Teamwork Effectiveness (A Case Study of Jordanian Mobile Telecommunication Companies)

Feras Suliman Al-Shalabe, Basem Essa Al-Kharabshah, Reyad Abdallah Al-Khawaldah


This study aimed to examine the impact of Creative Thinking (independent variables) through its five elements (Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration and problem-sensitivity) on the key factors of teamwork Effectiveness (dependent variables): clarity of team vision and strategy, team performance, team innovation, team communication, using resources and team cohesiveness on Jordanian mobile Telecommunication companies.
The study was conducted at 3 mobile companies, the sample consists of 400 team members working in these companies, field data collected via questionnaire that was developed for this purpose, the researcher analyze the data by using several descriptive methods such as means and standard deviations and statistical methods such as Multiple and Interactive Regression.
The importance of this study stems from the key role of Creativity and Teams in enhancing organizational effectiveness.
Main Results indicated the following:
1. The results indicated a high level of creative thinking in teams in Jordanian mobile Telecommunication companies as perceived from team members.
2. The results indicated a high team effectiveness in Jordanian mobile Telecommunication companies as perceived from team members.
3. Statistical significant positive effect was found for creative thinking on teams effectiveness, and the results indicated that (Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration) elements has important and direct effect on team effectiveness in Jordanian mobile Telecommunication companies as perceived from team members.
4. The level of creative thinking was significantly correlated with some demographic characteristics of team members (gender, years of experience, educational degree).
The study suggests a number of recommendations such as:
1. Encourage the top management in the Jordanian Mobile Telecommunication companies to support the creative thinking through the adoption of strategies means to develop creative thinking skills.
2. Underline the necessity to develop the flexibility as important element of creative thinking through all the means such as training and encouraging the team works attempts.
3. encourage the Jordanian Mobile Telecommunication Companies to take more risk in the area of innovative efforts and supporting the original and unique ideas, which motivate team members to overcome their fears and to express their new ideas.
adopt the creative thinking test as an important index for hiring procedures in the human recourses department, and consider the years of experience and educational degree.


Creative Thinking - Team Work - Team Work Effectiveness

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