Economic Structure Analysis Based On the Change Sectoral Employment in the Jordanian Economy during the Period (2000-2010)

Tha'r Mutlaq Mohammed Ayasrah


Through this study, level of economic diversification has been recognized through using Entropy Index based on number of employment in main economic activities, using governorates as basic level of study in the first hand and the whole Kingdom in the second hand.
In addition, Hachman Index has been used to determine the governorates that its economic structure is similar with overall economic structure for the Kingdom, values of such indexes have been calculated during two periods to note the changes that may arise.
Also, the results indicate, in light of the extraction of absolute employment growth, that all governorates have witnessed a real growth in (2000-2010), where shift and share components have been separated for such employment growth on level of governorates.


Entropy Index, Hachman Index, Shift and Share Analysis, National Share Component, Industrial Mix Component, Differential Shift Component.

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