The Effect of Technology Transfer Process on Functional Performance in Irbid Government Electricity Com. Ltd. Case Study

Mohammad T. Al-Batayneh


The Organizations today need to continue the development of technology , and for countries not manufacturing technology need to transfer it from its resources to use it.
The study aims to identify the application process of technology transfer on functional performance in Irbid Government Electricity Com. Ltd.
(90) Questioners were distributed, and (75) of it were retained. The study found that managers exchange, transfer R&D groups to the field and work teams building (As an independent variable) were Increasing their curve of experiences positively related to functional performance. As well as a positive statistical correlation function between the transferring process and the workers functional performance. Result shows that organizational structure is the most effected part by the transferring process on workers performance, followed by the transferring of research and development groups (R&D), Transferring of directors and transferring of work teams.
The study recommends that organizations should designs their structures in a way that supports interaction between people to enable them to understands and transfer technology.
Finally, top managers have to be more concern in understanding and transferring technology.


Technology Transfer, Research and Development Group, Team Works, Performance.

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