The Effect of Interactional Justice on The Job Performance An Analytical Study of the Views of Managers in the Ministries of Jordan

Abd Al-Kareem Al-Sukkar


This study aimed to analyze the effect of the pattern of Interactional justice in functionality and in accordance with the views of managers working in the ministries of Jordan. Using descriptive analytical method. And collected information theory of library resources. And data through a questionnaire distributed to a sample study. which amounted to (172) Single as a community study. It then has to answer questions and test hypotheses.
The study reached the most important results of the following:
1 - The perceptions of respondents towards transactional justice. The medium also showed that the arithmetic mean (3.374).
2 - The perceptions of respondents towards Job Performance. The medium also showed that the arithmetic mean (3.461).
3 - There was significant statistical relationship between positive transactional justice independent variable. And job performance as the dependent variable magnitude (58.1%),and interpreted by the independent variable (33.8%) of the variance in the dependent variable.
The study recommended in the light of the above results. The need for attention the Behavior and ethical studies and promoting the positive aspects and venerated with managers to improve the level of Interactional justice. And enhancing the functionality of Ministries in Jordan.


Transactional justice, Ministries of Jordan, Job performance.

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