The Impact of Change Factors on Achieving Organizational Excellence: Amodel Arab Potash Company, Jordan (APC)

Yassin K. Al Kresheh, Khaled K. Al Zeriqat, Mahmoud I. Noor


This study aimed to determine the impact of change factors at organizational excellence among employees in the (APC), To achieve the objectives of this study, a questionnaire was developed for data collection. The sample was composed of (631) subjects where Statistic Package for Social Science, Version 16 (SPSS, 16) was used to analyze the questionnaire data. The most important findings of this study were the following:
1. The results indicated that perceptions of respondents to ward the change factors was medium, although their perceptions toward the organizational excellence was high.
2. There was an impact of change factors in organizational excellence which explains (63.6%) of variation in the dependent variable (organizational excellence).
The study had recommended the policy of establishing the climate and regulatory environment conducive and supportive of organizational excellence in the company, Through attention to factors of organizational change within the company, And educating workers in the ministry objectives and the importance of organizational excellence and the results of that through training courses, conferences and workshops in order to achieve organizational excellence.


Change Factors, Organizational Excellence, Arab Potash Company, (APC).

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