Macro Econometric Study of Algerian Economic (Between 1970-2009)

Ismael Bin Qana


This work paper aimed to build a model of the Algerian macro econometric, based on variable views of theorists of economic. That has similar characterizing to this economy. Where this model is poised to study the predictive capacity of some variables, it also evaluates the economic policies and external shocks and their impact on variables rest and policies.
Having concluded in the beginning economic markets with their variables and their factors, that he concluded which estimates their parameters for use at forecasting in determined period, also he concluded the important commanders variables which are used for studying the impact of it in a model and it help for estimating shocks power which create structural perturbations on national economy.


Economic markets - Model of macro econometric- Algerian economic - Forecasting - Global economic theory - Economic policies- commanders variables - external shocks.

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