The Impact of the Basic Reference Group Usage on the Purchasing Decision of Clothes (A Field Study of Saudi Youth in Riyadh City)

Aseel Al-Duhaish, Mohammad Alshurideh, Ra'ed Masa'deh, Zu'bi Mohammad Al-Zu'bi


This study aimed at studying the impact of the reference group on the purchasing decision for the Saudi Youth, in which a sample consists of (384) males and females. The study found that the work colleges are the most influencing on the clothes purchasing decision, followed by the friends and the community stars and celebrities, and lastly the family. There are differences of reference group impact on the decision when buying the clothes according to the difference in (the average of using the internet, household monthly income, gender, age group, living area, and educational level). The researchers recommend the necessity that the clothes companies should plan and execute a scientific and studied promotion mix, and the necessity to focus mostly on women in the campaigns that depend on the reference groups because they are the more influenced when taking the decisions of buying clothes.


Impact, Reference Group, Purchasing Decision

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