The Effect of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Guiding the Jordanian Institutions Participating in the Prize for Organizational Development (Field Study)

Ahmad Y. Al-Hunaiti


This study aims at measuring the effect of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in fields of leadership, personnel, operations, knowledge and finance, on the organizational development for the institutions participating in the prize. This study consists of all the eight institutions that received the award in previous courses, whereas (250) questionnaire were distributed and (208) questionnaire of them were recollected, The researcher used the descriptive statistics and variance analysis methods to examine the hypothesis of the study which conclusions refer to Finding statistically significant relationship between the award of the King Abdullah II for Excellence that is represented by leadership, personnel, operations, knowledge and finance with organizational development, and there are no statistically significant differences between the effect of the King Abdullah II prize of excellence with organizational development attributable to demographic variables, according to the perceptions of the employees in the surveyed institutions, The study recommends that the employees recognize the importance of creativity, invention and excellence through symposiums, lectures, courses and forming working groups inside the institutions to guarantee excellence.


Award, Excellence and Organizational Development

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