Financial and Administrative Problems Facing Small Businesses in the Southern District

Belal Y. Al-Smairat


This study aims to identify certain problems that face small enterprises in the southern governorates in Jordan. The study was conducted on a sample of 260 projects using a questionnaire of five dimensions; establishment stage, financing, management, lack of governmental support and surrounding environment. The validity and reliability of the study have been improved by well-experienced scholars where the stability factor of the measure reached (0.91). A number of statistical methods was employed to analyze the data, these methods include: means, ANOVA and simple regression analysis. The findings indicated that lack of capital and insurance loans occupied the first priorities of the owners, whereas lack of administrative experiences, marketing and finance was the main reasons behind failing businesses. The researcher has recommended qualified and well-prepared studies taking into account the needs of small businesses and to increase training and rehabilitation of the owners of these businesses.


Financial Problems, Administrative Problems, Small Businesses, Southern District.

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