Total Quality and Organizational Performance: A Survey of the Administrative Staff in Some of the Private Sector Hospitals of The Capital Area

Farid Nosyrat


Assessing the experience of administrative staff in a number of the private hospitals at Jordan, this study aimed at: 1) determining whether the sample hospitals differed as to the level of application of total quality elements when these elements are taken individually and as a whole; 2) determining probable differences in performance end results, 3) analyzing the relationships between the application efforts of total quality elements and organizational performance; 4) identifying the most important elements of total quality influencing hospital performance.

Nine hospitals from the capital area (Amman) were studied. With a population of (320) management staff, (top and middle managers) were surveyed, and a data collection instrument was developed and tested for reliability a=0.862. The most important findings were as follows:

1-         The sample hospitals significantly differed as to the level of application of total quality elements. Such differences were found when elements were analyzed as a whole and individually except for the empowerment element, where no significant difference was found.

2-         Significant differences in performance results were found.

3-         Significant relationships were found between the applications of total quality elements and organizational performance indicators.

4-         Five out of eight total quality elements analyzed were found to be the most important elements influencing performance. These elements, rank ordered, focused on clients, employees empowerment, leadership, preventive control and teamwork.

The study was concluded with some recommendations which might help hospital administrators to work on the weaknesses of total quality applications to better achieve the desired performance results.

The need for continuous and periodic evaluation of the end results of total quality applications was stressed.


Total quality, Performance, Hospitals

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