Managers’ Assessment of Organization Climate in Public Hospitals of the Northern Region in Jordan

Ahmad M. Abdel-Halim


This study aims at exploring the attitudes of managers in the public hospitals of the northern region in Jordan toward the organization climate dimensions (leadership, decision making, communication, relations among employees, salary and wages policy, and organizational commitment). This study also tries to explore the effect of respondents’ demographic variables on organization climate. A total of (220) questionnaires were distributed, (200) of them were returned, with a response rate of (91%).

The most salient finding of this study shows that the level of organization climate in the public hospitals under study is moderate (mean= 3.21). Organization commitment dimension is ranked the first in terms of managers’ satisfaction (mean= 3.64), while salary and wages policy is ranked the last (mean =2.60). There is no statistically significant difference among managers toward the level of organization climate as a whole due to variables of gender, social status, age and income, whereas statistical difference is present only due to the number of years in service.

 This study also shows statistical differences of managers’ view toward the satisfaction level of salary and wages policy dimension due to education level, graduation country, age and number of years in service.

 In addition, a statistical difference is reported regarding managers’ attitudes toward the satisfaction level of leadership salary and wages policy due to the number of years in service.

Based on the findings, several recommendations are proposed to enhance organization climate in public hospitals such as: a closer study of salaries and wages of public hospitals’ employees, enhancing the role of leadership to improve the organizational climate in public hospitals in Jordan, and a continuous institutional evaluation of the organization climate to improve better health care services to Jordanian citizens


Organization Climate, Public Hospitals

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