Regional Consumption Inequalities in Jordan: Empirical Study

Mohammed I. Shahateet, Saud M. Al-Tayyeb


The objective of this study is to test regional economic inequalities in Jordan. The methodology has been profoundly influenced by the statistical approach of Analyses Of Variance (ANOVA). This approach tests regional variations in consumption on governorates level. The Least Significant Difference (LSD) test for per capita expenditure is also employed to see where the regional differences occurred. Finally, the test of homogeneity of variances is applied.

By examining the official data on per capita expenditure, this study provides evidence that regional inequalities had increased between 1997 and 2002, emphasizing that the five-years growth period following 1997 have not succeeded in decreasing the economic gap among different regions in Jordan. These results may guide economic policies decision-makers to allocate more resources to certain governorates


Consumption Inequality, Income Inequality, Regional Allocation of Resources

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