Factors Affecting Managers’ Decision Style in Jordanian Public Sector

Atef Mohammad F. Al-Awawdeh, Mohammad A. Yaghi


This study aimed at identifying the factors affecting managers' decision style in Jordanian public sector and in Jordanian ministries. The researchers developed a aquestionnaire which consisted of (46) items and used Likert scale (strongly disagree, disagree, partially agree, agree, strongly agree) in his analysis.The researchers distributed (413) questionnaires to the study population, only (309) copies were retrieved with a percent of (76.4%). Among the retrieved questionnaires, (305) were valid for analysis.

In order to test the hypotheses and questions of the study, one way ANOVA and simple regression tests were used. The researcher reached the following conclusions:

  • 1. Administrative level affects both programmed and unprogrammed decision styles in different ways.
  • 2. Clarity of rules and instructions affects programmed decisions and doesn't affect unprogrammed decisions.
  • 3. Information availability affects both programmed and unprogrammed decision styles.

Based on the study conclusions, the researcher recommends the following:

  • - Updating rules and regulations in accordance with the new upcomming issues related to programmed decision making process.
  • - Providing educational workshops and conferences to managers concerning unprogrammed decision making process.


Decision Making, Decision Making Style, Public Sector.

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