The Effect of Customer Knowledge Management and New Services Development on Marketing Performance

Laith Alrubaiee, Soud Almahamid, Osama AL-Shekhly, Sami Udwan


This study aimed at examining the relationship between customer knowledge management, new services development and marketing performance. The population of this study consists of twenty Commercial Banks working at Bagdad City. The study sample formed of new services development managers, customer relationship management managers, and Heads of departments in seven commercial banks distributed in Bagdad City. To collect study data, a specific questionnaire was developed based on related studies of the study subject. The study arrived to a set of results such as: high levels of customer knowledge management, new services development and marketing performance in Iraqi commercial Banks. In addition, there is a statistical significant impact for customer knowledge management on new service development and marketing performance. Also, there is a significant statistical impact for new service development in marketing performance for those banks. What is more, there is a combined impact for customer knowledge management and new services development in marketing performance on its three dimensions: profitability, market share growth and Customers retention. Finally, based on the results, a set of managerial and academic recommendations were provided.


Customer Knowledge Management, New Services Development, Marketing Performance.

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