Analysis of Some Indicators of the Presence of Poverty in Southern Provinces in Jordan

Mohammad H. Saleh, Firas M. Alrawashdeh, Jameel J. Jaber


This study discusses some indicators of poverty in Jordan as a whole and in the southern provinces in specific. The purposes of the study are:
1. to know the variables which affect poverty.
2. to know the effect of poverty in the southern provinces on poverty in the country as a whole.
3. to examine the relationship between poverty and unemployment.
4. to give some suggestaions of how to decrease poverty in the southern provinces.
This study uses a descriptive and econometric analysis to measure some indicators for poverty, such as, individual expenditures on education, individual expenditures on health, unemployment and inflation. The descriptive analysis found that the quality of health services in the capital Amman is better than that in the southern provinces. Also, the unemployment rate in the southern provinces is higher than all provinces in Jordan for these reasons. First, the quality of education is lower than the one in Amman. Second, the culture of shame and reluctance to work in entry level occupations is widespread. Third, the failure of local investors and foreign investors to invest in the southern provinces decreases the availability of new jobs and then increases unemployment. The econometric results found that there is a positive relationship between poverty measured by the highest rate of individual income, individual expenditures on education, individual expenditure on health, and the inflation rate. Finally, the research shows that there is a negative relationship between poverty measured by income and the unemployment rate. The study also provides a package of suggestions and recommendations to combat poverty in the southern provinces. Also, it suggests creative ideas in order to turn them into investors in projects through the creation of a fund of venture capital in the southern provinces.


Poverty, Unemployment, Inflation, Southern Cities in Jordan, Expenditure on Health and Education.

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