The Availability of Function Knowledge Management and its Impact in Shaping Organizational Excellence from the Viewpoint of Workers in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Amal Y. Al-Majalie


This study aimed to identify the availability of jobs knowledge management and its impact on shaping organizational excellence from the viewpoint of workers in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. To achieve the above objectives questionnaire was developed and distributed to sample consists of (418) subjects and then descriptive statistical technique such as (mean standard deviation) and analytical statistical technique such as (regression, stepwise regression) were used to analyze the data. The study has reached the following conclusions:

1. The perceptions of the respondents to the degree of availability of knowledge management and its dimension was high, and the perceptions of the respondents to the organizational excellence was also high.

2. There was a statistical significant effect for the degree of knowledge management on the organizational excellence.

The study recommends the need to build the authority of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone management philosophy and organizational methods supports the application of knowledge management by senior management, through work on the allocation of adequate financial and human resources and instill organizational culture supports flexible and collaborative knowledge and participation To achieve organizational excellence.


Knowledge Management, Organizational Excellence, Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

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