Some Applications of the Knowledge Economics in the Jordanian Hospitality Industry (A Field Study)

Mothana T. Al-Hoory, Hameed A. Al-Taee


If the chances of interacting , utilizing and applying the "new economics" look hard and limited in general for most industries, they are not so for the hospitality industry. This industry seems to have much better chances of an easy entry into this new field of knowledge. The main reason for this case is fact that this industry utilizes data, information and knowledge to the extent that it has been labeled as a "knowledge - intensive" industry as much as it is labor intensive industry as it has been called all along. Other reasons for this harmonious interaction between the two is the wide spread of the Hospitality Industry's Establishments, the numerous and various elements composing this industry's products, the millions of employees it involves and the hundreds of millions of customers it serves all over the world. All these elements require data, information and knowledge to handle, manage and manipulate.

Do managers of the hospitality industry's establishments - Amman's five stars hotels- realize this fact, comprehend this new concept and are ready to utilize its advances to manage the operations in their specialized establishments? To achieve an answer to these questions we implemented this study, which finalized in the following:

Yes, managers of five stars hotels in Amman do realize, comprehend and utilize the general components and parameters of the new knowledge economics. Their main interest and evaluation was found to be in the capital knowledge then technology knowledge and to a leaser extent in consumer knowledge.

Such a finding imposes upon us to emphasize the importance of directing the managers to consider the consumer knowledge in a higher level of importance, for consumers are - and should be - of utmost importance to this industry and their satisfaction is the essence of its success and indeed its failure. Also they should be directed to place greater emphasis when dealing with the human knowledge. More importantly, they should implement the necessary apparatus to consider the social - innovative knowledge.


The Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Business Establishment - Organization, Knowledge Economics, Knowledge Capital, Technology Capital, Consumer Capital, Human Capital and Social - Innovative Capital.

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