A Value-based Approach for Explaining the Adoption Intention of Mobile Data Services

Mutaz M. Al-Debei


This study aims at explaining the factors affecting the adoption intention of mobile data services from the perspective of consumers as users. In this study we focus on the value users can potentially gain from using these services. We hypothesize that if we can examine users' utilitarian, hedonic, uniqueness, epistemic and economic value, then we can explain and predict their intention to use mobile data services. Our results show that utilitarian value is according to previous studies an important adoption factor. Additionally, economic value is also important and significant. Nevertheless, it seems that in our context, hedonic, uniqueness, and epistemic value dimensions are not as important for the use of mobile data services. The results of this study can be used by mobile service providers to get insights of consumers' needs and preferences in order to offer better and thus more popular services.


Adoption Intention, Mobile Data Services, Value Elements, Value-based, Perceived Value, Mobile Business.

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