Exploring the Relationship between Occupational Stress and Organizational Commitment among Nurses in Selected Jordanian Hospitals

Kamel M. Al-Hawajreh


The present study aims at exploring the relationship between occupational stress and organizational commitment among nurses in selected Jordanian hospitals, and measuring the level of occupational stress and the level of organizational commitment among nurses in selected Jordanian hospitals in Amman. The research population consisted of two governmental teaching hospitals, and a systematic random sample of 150 nursing personnel was selected. A self-administered questionnaire was used for collecting data for this study. The questionnaire was developed by the researcher based on pertinent literature. It includes two main parts; one of them is the occupational stress (sources of work pressure, health information, and coping strategies), the other one is the organizational commitment.
The findings of the present study revealed that occupational stress is present among thirty percent of the nurses; and forty percent of the nurses had organizational commitment. The study also reveals that the organizational commitment is statistically significantly negatively correlated to occupational stress (P = 0.025, r = -0.18).
Based on the findings of the present study, the following recommendations are proposed: healthcare organizations should identify factors that contribute to sources of work stress and identify the various conditions that bring staff into the work using appropriate coping strategies and providing clear and specific job description, flexible work schedules, fair treatment and regular meeting between supervisors and their staff nurses to discuss and solve their problem. Both nurses and nurse managers must be willing to work together to develop a climate of mutual trust that fosters a genuine commitment to organizational goals, to provide quality patient care.


Occupational stress, Organizational commitment, coping strategies, Physical Health, Sources of work pressure.

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