Social Responsibility of Banks Operating in Jordan (2008-2010)

Abdulnaser T. Al-Zyoud


This study aims to demonstrate the commitment of banks operating in Jordan to the community, external and internal for workers have been analyzing the value of cash contributions to the fields of social as an absolute value and the proportion of the net profits and the extent of the bank's branches outside the capital to contribute to the development and customer service. Where he completed the study hypotheses to 15 banks for the period between 2008 to 2010. Chart the results of the study that the banks bear responsibility with respect to the local community is part of its policy and plans in order to achieve sustainable development either with respect to the internal dimension it is clear that there is a default with respect to the amounts spent on personnel as well as lack of attention to training and staff development. The researcher recommends the need to increase awareness of the concept of social responsibility and provide more incentives for banks that adopt this concept and that there would be a clear and specific criteria to provide support to the beneficiaries.


Social Commitment, Banks Operating in Jordan

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