Administrative Leadership between Transactional and Transformational Leadership and Its Impact in the Implementation Of The Strategic Objectives of the Ministry of Environment of Jordan- A Field Study in the Large Industrial Companies -

Ahmad Salih, Muhammad Mubaideen


This study aimed at identifying the effect of transactional and transformational leadership approaches on the implementation of strategic objectives for Jordanian Ministry of Environment. The study covered (63) industrial companies. A sample was chosen from the study population with a percentage of (20%), thus, the study sample counts (13) company. The study was applied on employees working in these companies, who count (336) employee. The study used a questionnaire as a basic method to collect the data and information, which was analyzed using the mean, standard deviation, (T) test and path analysis. The study concluded that the effect of transformational leadership approach was more than the effect of transactional leadership approach in implementation of strategic goals of Jordanian Ministry of Environment. Finally, the study provided recommendations to increase the awareness about the importance of environment and its sustainability.


Leadership, Transactional Approach, Transformation Leadership, Strategic Objectives

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