Relationship Marketing and Customer Retention: The Case of Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Companies

Mohammad Suleiman Awwad, Arwa Abdalsalam AL-Qralleh


This study aimed at examining the relation between relationship marketing and customer retention under the moderating effects of relationship quality (trust and commitment) in the Jordanian telecommunications companies. Data were collected through using a questionnaire consisted of 26 “likert” type items from a judgmental sample of (426) respondents, data were analyzed using Smart PLS 2.0 M3 release to determine the interactions between the various constructs.
The results support the direct effect of relationship marketing on customer retention, customer trust and customer commitment, and a positive indirect effect on customer retention through customer trust and commitment. Furthermore, relationship marketing has an indirect effect on customer commitment through customer trust as will as a direct positive effect of trust on commitment, and indirect effect on customer retention through commitment. Moreover each of customer trust and commitment has a positive direct effect on customer retention. Finally, the study has suggested some results and implications, and also some directions for future research were proposed.


Relationship Marketing, Relational Bonds, Customer Retention, Relationship Quality, Customer Trust, Customer Commitment

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