Differences of Work Stress Sources on Employees of the Jordanian Commercial Banks According to Personal and Job-related Characteristics

Nader A. Abu-Sheikha, Fathi S. Srouji, Marwa Ahmad


The purpose of this study is to analyze the differences of work stress sources on employees working in the Jordanian commercial banks according to some personal and job-related characteristics. Data were collected through a questionnaire from a sample of employees working in the largest seven commercial banks in Jordan. The questionnaire, which was developed and distributed during the spring of 2004, includes (24) items covering various stressors.

Data have been processed and analyzed through the use of "SPSS" program in order to obtain means, standard deviations, and percentages for the demographic characteristics of the sample. Moreover, analysis of variance (ANOVA) is conducted to test if there are any statistical evidences of the existence of difference between employees work stress to the independent variables (position, gender, age, management level, service period, and work place).

The study revealed that there are strong statistical evidences that differences exist between employees work stress according to their gender, age, position, and management level. However, the results show that there is no statistical evidence that a difference exists between employees work stress according to their service period. The study provided a number of recommendations to help dealing with persistent job stressors.


Work Stress, Sources of Stress, Means, ANOVA.

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