Auditing of Marketing Activities and it's Impact on Marketing Performance

Mousa Al-Saudi, Mohammad Al-Ziadat


This Study is an attempt to understand the level of organization concern to marketing auditing that should be applied in all production organizations to uncover if the organization Marketing Performance was satisfactory. There for, marketing auditing is considered as one of the essential tools that help management accomplish maximum performance through efficient use of available resources(effieciency), and effective goals (attainment).
This study researched one of the Leading Medical Companies in Jordan(Arabian Medical Manufacturing) that had the right to practice some marketing activities. This study concentrated on the problem of not giving enough attention by the above mentioned company to marketing concept and Marketing auditing to its marketing activities.
The importance of this study was due to the lack of research attempts in this area in Jordan.In addition, the lack of studies that dealt with marketing auditing process. This study tried to provide a marketing auditing framework for marketing activities that help improve marketing performance. This study reached several conclusions and the most important one that Arabian medical manufacturing plans to practice marketing auditing. From the reached results. There were several recommendations and the most important is to establish a department specialized in marketing auditing that will practice all Marketing activities in the company.


Marketing Auditing, Marketing Performance, Effieciency, Attainment, Marketing Activities

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