The Intellectual Capital and its Role in Organizational Innovation (Field Study in Jordanian Insurance Companies)

Atef Odwan, Sahar Suleiman


The aim of the study is to identify the intellectual capital and its role in Organizational Innovation, and to verify that there is a moral and an effective relation between the intellectual capital with its three elements (human, structural, customer) and the Organizational Innovation with its three levels (individual, group, and organization).
The population of the study was managers from the top, executive and operational management levels from (18) Jordanian Insurance companies. The sample of the study included (80) manger in various administrative levels representing the 18 Jordanian insurance companies, an (80) questionnaire were distributed for the study, (75) were retrieved from the managers, only 50 questionnaire of the 80 was good enough to the study.
The study used a set of statistical methods to analyze the data and to test the hypothesis that includes the frequencies, percentages, averages, and the standard deviations, as well as correlation coefficient level of Spearman, Simple correlation coefficient and simple regression analysis.

The conclusion of the study is:
- There is a significant correlation between the intellectual capital and Organizational Innovation.
- There is a moral effect between the intellectual capital and Organizational Innovation.
- The human capital made a greater influence effect on the individual level more than structural capital or the costumer capital.
- The managements in the insurance companies interested in the costumer capitals in the first place then the structural capital and in the third place the human capital.

Through the results we came up with, the study provided the following recommendations:
- Developing strategies to support organizational innovation and offer possibilities for implementation.
- Directing the intention to the human capital and support it in the first place.
- Modifying the internal regulations in order to promote creativity and innovation at the individual, group and organization levels.


Intellectual Capitals, Organizational Innovation

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