Determing the Socio- economic Factors Affecting the Rate of Unemployment and the Standard of Living in Tafileh Municipality in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Doukhi A. Hunaiti, Basheer A. Zubi


The research aimed at determing the economic and social factors, affecting the rate of unemployment and its impact on quality of life in the municipality of Tafileh in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. To achieve this objective, the study was conducted on a sample of 1830 households out of 9596 families that were randomly selected from the districts of Tafileh, Bseareh and Hesa in the 29 agglomeration. Data were collected through a personal interview using a questionnaire prepared for this purpose. Statistical Analysis analyzing the determinants of unemployment and its impact on the standard of living, through a method of factor analysis that has been processed showed principle components of a combination of factors which had the greatest impact on identifying individuals unemployed from employed and its impact on quality of life, which can outline the regional development in Jordan that identify characteristics of the families of unemployed from the unemployed in the region through a number of variables included in the ten principle factors which had a rate of variation in the interpretation of the cause of the phenomenon at a rate of 85.5%. It has been possible to call these factors: the factor of workers spending on basic needs, the factor of developmental loans and working household expenditure on teaching materials, and worker well-being of household, the factor of family support workers, the factor of worker expenditures on housing, and a factor of social solidarity, and working level of education head of household, and a factor of social expenditures, and workers sense of abject poverty.
A set of conclusions and recommendations has emerged, which can be taken by a planned development in the formulation of strategies for social development in the region.


Factor Analysis, Unemployment, Standard of Living, Municipality of Tafileh in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Social Development.

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