Determinants of the Export Performance of the Algerian Non-Oil Products Manufacturing Companies

Nour Hadad, Hani Al-Dmour


The objective of this study was to investigate and analyze the determinants of export performance of industrial companies with the Algerian-exporting non-oil products to beneficiate from this results to help improve the exports value of the Algerian non- oil products and suggest solutions to the barriers and problems facing these exports.
The sample of this study was composed of 200 Algerian companies; the primary data were collected after using a self- designed questionnaire that includes questions in order to determine the dependent and independent variables of the study. It had been analyzed by using descriptive statistics (frequency and percentages), correlation, multiple regression, and Cronbach Alpha.
The most important findings of this study were as follows:
1- Both external factors that are related to Algerian companies and internal factors of the surrounding environment of the Algerian companies are related to the export performance.
2- There is a positive relationship between international extension strategies, the international marketing mix and the export performance.
3- There is a positive relationship between years of export experience, the number of source markets, the number of items exported, the availability of export unit in the company and their export performance. On the other hand, there is no relationship between the size of capital, the number of employees in the company and its export performance.
4- There is a relationship between the percentage of the company's expenditures on research and development, the percentage of company's expenditures on promotion of its total sales aboard and export performance.


Internal Factors, External Factor, Export Performance.

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