The Effect of Advanced Technology on the Implementation

Nimer Sleihat, Munther Al-Nimer, Sinan Alabbadi


The research aims at identifing the extent of usage of costing system practices and investigating the effect of the technology variables upon the extent of usage of costing system practices in the Jordanian financial sector. To attain these objectives, the research used a questionnaire method; 64 valid questionnaires were returned, giving a 67.3% response rate. Descriptive analysis statistical analyses were used to analyse the responses. The research concluded that the usage of the traditional costing practices are still prevalent. In addition, the research revealed that there is a trend within the Jordanian financial sector to adopt contemporary costing practices, for instance; target costs practice, with the continued existence of some of conventional practices in the future. Concerning the technology aspects, the research indicated a high usage of computers in the accounting departments. Almost all of the respondent companies have network connections within their accounting departments and less connectivity with other departments. In addition the research revealed that the Jordanian financial sector more frequently uses information technologies than production technologies. The research revealed that four contingency variables where found to influence the extent of usage of costing systems; namely, network connections and information technologies. Provides a broad overview of costing system practices in the Jordanian financial sector, indicates a lack of using costing systems practices in the developing countries and indicates the improvement which would take place in the Jordanian financial sector in terms of the adoption of more sophisticated or advanced costing system practices.


Costing System Practices, Technology, Financial Sector, Jordan.

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