Determinants of Real Estate Investment in Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Ayman Ofeishat, Hani Dhmour


This study aimed at identifing analyzing the motivating factors for investment real estate in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, and determining their relevance as. It identified the degree of satisfaction of the investors of these stimuli. The number of real estate companies until 2009 was thrity four compaines, but the number of companies that cooperated with the researchers was thrity eight companies. The unit of analysis included the use of multi-answer in the collection of data, i.e., the questionnaire was distributed to more than one investor in each company, and the number of those who responded and subjected to statistical analysis in the study was eighty egiht investors in 38 companies..
The study concluded the following results:
1. Interest of investors towareds investment stimuli was found to be different, but they collectively averaged approximately 77.6%.
2. Levels of satisfaction towards the essentials of investing environment in Jordan were found to be different among inversotrs, but in gernal the total average of the level of satisfaction was 74%.
3. Different levels of satisfaction were found among inversotrs based on their type of real estate activity, while there were no differences based on their nationality.
The study concluded making recommendations and proposals of interest to the official authorities and businesses of which are the need to pay attention on creating a favorable economic envirtonment for invetors and exploit the adavnategs of the geogrpahical location of Jordan, Aqaba, particulary when marketing and the need to expand and enhance the develeopment of infrastructure projects.


Real State Investment, Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

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