The Problem of Choice between the New Production Management Systems on Application: A Case Study for the Gas Cylinder’s Unit in Batna in Algeria

Zakia Megri


This study aims at revealing the accredited criteria if choosing between the new production management methods (MRP, JIT, OPT) and the common philosophy among them and trying to recognize the appropriate approach that can be implemented at GC Unit in Batna Algeria. This was accomplished and subsequent to delineating the differences between the comparative, integrative, and contingent approaches.
The results of the study indicate that the criteria for the organization of production processes, the level of complexity, diversity of the products, and the pattern of response to the market lead us to conclude that the most suitable method for the production pattern at the unit of gas cylinders is a hybrid system (MRP-JIT) according to the integrative approach. Furthermore, the results of the comparative approach based on the indicators of production (quantity, quality, cost, and deadlines) confirm the superiority of the suggested production management system over the actual results realized at the unit under investigation.


MRP, JIT, OPT, Gas Cylinder’s University

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