The Impact of Knowledge Management on the Effectiveness of Decision-Making Process in the Extractive Companies of Jordan

Khaled K. Al Zeriqat


This study aimed at determining the impact of knowledge management on the effectiveness of decision-making in the extractive companies of Jordan. To achieve the objectives this study, a questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample consisted of (443) subjects. The study has reached the following results:
1- The perceptions of the employees towards the dimensions of knowledge management was high with mean of (3.60).
2- The perceptions of the employees towards the effectiveness of decision-making was high with a mean of (3.63).
3- There is an impact of knowledge management dimensions in effectiveness of decision-making, which explains (59.4%) of variation in the dependent variable (effectiveness of decision-making).
The study recommends the Jordanian extractive companies adopt management philosophy and organizational methods which support the application of knowledge management by senior management through work on the allocation of adequate financial and human resources and instill organizational culture which supports flexible and collaborative knowledge and participation to achieve effectiveness of decision-making process.


Knowledge Management, Effectiveness of Decision-Making Process

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