The Effect of Administratine Improvement the Innovatine Level of Employees, Working in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Mohammad D. Al-Mbaideen


This study aimed at identifing the level of administrative improvement and innovative behavior of employees at Jordanian commercial banks. The study sample consisted of employees Jordan's commercial banks and is estimated to be (391) employees. In order to achieve the study objectives, the researcher designed a questionnaire, which was presented to (10) experts to examine its validity. Also, the researcher tested its consistency by using test-retest method and Cronbach-alpha for internal consistency. After analyzing data, results showed that Jordanian commercial banks practice different aspects of managerial empowerment in a moderate way. Also, there is medium behavior for the employees in these banks. Also, the study found that there is an effect of statistical significance for different aspects of employees’ empowerment such as power delegation, participation in decision making, applying team work management, establishing supportive culture, employees training and education on the creative behavior of employees in Jordanian commercial banks. There is no effect of statistical significance for employees’ empowerment regarding work enrichment on the creative behavior of the employees in Jordan commercial banks, and there are no differences of statistical significance for the effect of managerial empowerment on the creative behavior for the employees in Jordan's commercial banks that are attributed to the demographic variables such as gender, age, scientific qualification, job experience, and functional level.


Managerial Empowerment, Innovative Behavior, Commercial Banks

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