The Effect of Using Information Technology on the Managerial Innovation in the Jordanian Public Institution

Riyad A. Al-Khawaldeh, Mohammad F. Al-Hunaiti


This study aims to investigate the effect of using information technology on the managerial innovation, in the Jordanian Public Institutions , a questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample of (249) respondent, (178) were returned and analyzed, this number of returned questionnaire represents (72%) of the sample of the study. SPSS and certain statistical procedures have been used in this study, these procedure are: descriptive statistical measures, simple and multiple regressions, and analysis of one way ANOVA.

The results of this study were as the following:

1.           A relation exist between using IT and the nature of the used programs and the convenience degree of employing IT, and the integration of the used data and employee's training aspects with the managerial innovation factor.

2.           There is no relation between the nature of the used programs and the convenience degree of employing IT, the integrated data used, the productivity of the applied information system with managerial innovation factor.

3.           There is no relation between the demographic and functional variable with the managerial innovation except the practical experience variable. The results also proved that there is no relation between the use of information technology and the variables mentioned earlier except for the sex variable.

The study suggests the following recommendation:

1.           The significance of adopting appropriate strategies through providing the required programs to provide incentives for supporting innovation and innvators.

2.           Preparing training courses, programs, workshops and seminars suitable for various managerial levels regarding the effective methods of dealing with information technology and making it available for different institutions and Business (management) units through the automation of all their works in order to increase speed and precision in performing duties and tasks.


Information Technology, Managerial Innovation, Jordanian Public Institutions.

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